What fascinating photos are available of things invisible to the naked eye?

Answer by Priyanka Mandal:

Here are some more..

1. A chicken embryo

2. Eyes of a fly

3. Butterfly egg

4. Cigarette Paper

5. Iodine

6. Vodka Tonic

7. Embryo of a fish


8. Forest mite

9. Marine worm

10. Beach Sand

11. A tadpole

12. A snow Flake

What fascinating photos are available of things invisible to the naked eye?


Why do Indians want to keep Kashmir as a part of their country?

Answer by Namrata Singh Chauhan:

I would like to mention a whatsapp message I got a few days ago :

Once in a UN conference , Indian and Pakistani reps were asked to put their point on Kashmir conflict. Pakistani rep said , he would like to go after Indian rep. So the Indian guy stood up :

I: I would like to start my notion with a old story of rishi Kashyap , after whom Kashmir was named. On his first visit to Kashmir , he put his cloth aside and took bath in a lake, after he came out he found that his clothes were missing , he though "Pakistani's must have taken them away".
As the guy said this , Pakistani rep stood up and said angrily :

P: What the hell you are saying , there was no Pakistan back then.

I: So gentlemen , now I would like to start my address , and it is "and these guys say Kashmir is their" 😛

After this , whole hall burst into laughter .

This is obviously a joke , but the truth is we want Kashmir , because it has been ours always .

Why do Indians want to keep Kashmir as a part of their country?

What is the most valuable skill a person can have for their entire life?

Answer by A Quora admin:

You find a genie. What do you wish for?

  • A designer house? A billion dollar start-up? Beyonce's curves?
  • OR you could wish for infinite wishes and get it all.

Now imagine you're given the power to master any skill. What skill do you pick?

  • Language learning? Black belt in karate? The art of persuasion?
  • OR just like wishing for infinite wishes, you could pick the skill that gives you access to any skill that you want – self-discipline.

The Marshmallow Test

  • In a 1968 experiment at Stanford University, 600 children were individually left alone in a room with a marshmallow.
  • They could eat the marshmallow, or wait 15 minutes and get rewarded with a second marshmallow.
  • Years later the kids who waited for the whole 15 minutes, scored an average of 210 points higher on the SATs than the kids who gave in.
  • Self-discipline it turned out, is the single best predictor of success. More than IQ and intelligence.

How does that relate to more skills?

Self-discipline gives you:

  • The power to persevere.
  • The power to never give up, despite setbacks and failures.
  • And most importantly, the strength to try until you get what you want. Including mastering whatever skill you put your mind to.

So in terms of getting the most VALUE out of one skill, self-discipline would be it.

What is the most valuable skill a person can have for their entire life?

My CEO says, “Coding has no glamour.” As a programmer, how would you respond to this?

Answer by A Quora admin:

Tell him the below Joke.

A man in a hot air balloon realized he was lost. He reduced altitude and
spotted a woman below. He descended a bit more and shouted, "Excuse me,
can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I
don't know where I am."

The woman below replied, "You're in a hot air balloon hovering
approximately 30 feet above the ground. You're between 40 and 41 degrees
north latitude and between 59 and 60 degrees west longitude."

"You must be an engineer," said the balloonist. "I am," replied the woman,
"How did you know?"

"Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is, technically
correct, but I've no idea what to make of your information, and the fact
is I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help at all. If anything,
you've delayed my trip."

The woman below responded, "You must be in Management." "I am," replied
the balloonist, "but how did you know?"

"Well," said the woman, "you don't know where you are or where you're
going. You have risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air.
You made a promise which you've no idea how to keep, and you expect people
beneath you to solve your problems. The fact is you are in exactly the same
position you were in before we met, but now, somehow, it's my fault."

My CEO says, "Coding has no glamour." As a programmer, how would you respond to this?

Which are the countries that will be relatively cheap for Indians to travel?

Answer by A Quora admin:

We always complain about how expensive it is to even go abroad, let buy anything there. The States, the UK and a couple of other places have come to symbolise the world for us. While it's true that our currency is pretty weak, there's no denying that there are places you can go to and things you can see with our own desi rupaiya that will make you feel like a total king. Check out these places where you can get the best of those hallowed monies.

1. Bolivia : 1 INR = 0.11 Boliviano
Hotels in Bolivia are insanely cheap, so if you plan on heading there for a bit of sightseeing, don't delay. Hit up Rurrenabaque, a small town with a jungle and river close by. A great place to drink, eat and stay for pocket friendly prices, despite the currency difference.
They've even got hot springs!

2. Paraguay : 1 INR = 74.26 Guarani
One Paraguayan Guarani is equal to 0.014 INR. If that doesn't pique your interest, there's also the fact that Paraguay is the CHEAPEST country in the world, according to a survey by Mercer. This means the rent is cheap, the food is cheaper ( and we all know cheap food tastes better) and the beer is practically free. Go now!

3. Zimbabwe : 1 INR = 5.85 ZWD
1.00 INR is equal to 5.85 Zimbabwe dollars, making this a pretty cheap getaway, in terms of immediate gratification. The stay might not be cheap, but that is offset by the fact that food and generally everything else is unimaginably low priced. This is due to their 1000% inflation rate in recent times. Yes… one thousand percent inflation! The US dollar has been adopted as their official currency since 2010 but the exchange rate above gives us an idea of their hyperinflation situation.

4. Costa Rica : 1 INR = 8.15 Colons
1 INR is the same as 8.15 Costa Rican Colons (Yep, their currency is actually called 'colon'). That should be music to your ears, considering it's an island paradise where you can live out your caribbean fantasies – sipping Pina coladas and sunbathing at the beach, waving your rupee notes like an uncle at a Jagrata.

5. Belarus : 1 INR = 216 Ruble
The Ruble, which is the currency to this landlocked country, actually clocks in at 0.0058INR. That is quite a blessing, as you can soak in the culture in their museums and visit quaint and charming cafes at prices that seem like they're still in the Soviet era. There's lakes and forests and all kinds of other attractions, so just give up on your preconceived notions of Eastern Europe.

6. Pakistan : 1 INR = 1.58 Pakistani Rupee
Combine that currency difference with the fact that it is supported by the US dollar and you're in dreamland, at least in terms of food, petrol and things like snickers dark, which cost a bomb here. It is little dangerous but its worth it.

7. Cambodia : 1 INR = 63.93 Riel
Cambodia's currency is basically 0.015INR to 1 Riel. Stay, food and drink is cheap plus the place is steeped in history and culture. Go to Angkor Wat and read Dancing in Cambodia by Amitav Ghosh before you go to understand just how beautiful the place really is.

8. Vietnam : 1 INR = 338.35 Dong
Backpacker paradise starts at Vietnam. With places like Vang Vieng just a few hours away where you lumber down a river on a tyre while sipping on mushroom shakes from the adjoining shacks, this sounds like a no brainer. You can sort out stay, food, daaru and transport in Rs. 700 in Vietnam! (Yes our currency is stronger here)

9. Mongolia : 1 INR = 29.83 Tugrik
Hostels in Mongolia can go for as cheap as Rs. 400. Options for drinking are beyond your imagination, if that's your jam. There's vodka everywhere! Follow the horse trails in traditional Mongolian fashion and marvel at the unexpected beauty of this cultural rich place.

10. Hungary : 1 INR = 4.22 Forint
Hungary has several options for staying in hotels for as low as Rs 700 a night – rooms which have a bed, tv and fridge, right in Budapest. Trains ply for nominal amounts and the place itself is beautiful, so go check it out quick.

11. Nepal : 1 INR = 1.6 Nepalese Rupee
Our currency is stronger and Nepal's food and drink scene is off the charts. That makes Nepal a cracker of a combo, plus the cost of sightseeing is also extremely reasonable. Try some of the local Kukri while you're there.

12. Sri Lanka : 1 INR = 2.08 Sri Lankan Rupee
There are several options for guest houses in Colombo as well as the rest of the country where you can get a places to stay for as cheap as Rs. 1000 a night. Sightseeing is also very reasonable – Check out the palace of Sigiriya or climb Adam's peak and marvel at the unusual rock formations at the top, all while staying within budget and economical.

So there you go, a bunch of places where you can spend a little to get a lot!

Source 12 Places To Visit Around The World Where The Rupee Will Make You Feel Rich

Which are the countries that will be relatively cheap for Indians to travel?

What would happen if USD 1 = INR 1?

Answer by A Quora admin:

Let us assume that such an event happens overnight without a drastic change in productivity or a massive drop in real wages.

A good Indian engineer makes Rs.75,000 per month. Skills wise, this guy might be comparable to a guy making $3000 in the US.

What if 1 USD becomes 1 INR and this guy's productivity and salary stays the same? The Indian guy's salary becomes equal to $75,000. Before he is happy with his paycheck and go on to buy hot gadgets from the Apple store, a few things change.

Why would a company pay him $75,000 when you can get someone for $3000 in the US? Of course they would not. So, every Indian – engineers, teachers, accountants, designers – would be fired from their jobs and jobs would move out of the country as workers are cheaper outside India. Where you cannot move the job outside India (such as cleaning), companies would find tech. An awesome robotic vacuum cleaner worth $1000 would be used rather than the $4000 pm human cleaner. As people get removed from the jobs, plenty of other jobs that rely on them (restaurants, cafes, retail shops, tourism, airlines…) go kaput.

As people get fired, they will be ready to work for lower and lower salaries, until their salary drops below the international level of say $2500. Since 1 USD = 1 INR, that would make great engineers make Rs.2500 pm. How would they pay their EMI (mortgage) on homes, cars and gadgets? They cannot and they would default.

The banks would have huge unpaid loans and they will go bankrupt. Investors would exit and government would have print a lot of money to keep the banks alive. That would spike up the inflation and push down the rupee so much that things get back Rs. 60 = 1 USD. At that point, the Indian's wage will be so low that jobs will move back again and the cycle would continue.

There are plenty of real life examples of this. In 1986, Japanese yen doubled in strength. $1 was about 280 yens until then and that suddenly become like $1=140 yens. Just that completely screwed Japanese economy, from which they never recovered. Why did Japan increase their currency strength if they knew things are going to get worse? It is because the Americans forced them to do so.

This is the reason why RBI is very careful not to let rupee too strong. It is to India's advantage that $1 equal Rs.60. It helps keep exports high, wages high and imports low.

Ultimately the strength of a currency depends on only two things:

  1. Productivity of the people. If every guy making Rs.75000 pm is able to produce 25 times more output than a foreigner making $3000, then India can enjoy $1 = Rs.1.
  2. Inflation. If a country goes through a sustained low inflation in relation to other countries, its currency would move up. That means after 100 years, if your salaries stays the same at Rs.75000 pm while America's inflation takes an average guy there's salary to $75000, then $1 = Rs. 1

As simple as that. Since, the second scenario is bad, we need to focus only on the first scenario. How do we get an average Indian produce many times more than a foreigner?

EDIT: Based on the comments, I see that people are quite confused by what the currency rates mean. People assume somehow that $1 = 60 Rs means US is stronger than India. By that logic, 1 Bangladeshi Taka that equals 1.5 Yen, means the Bangladeshi economy is stronger than Japan's?

Currencies had arbitrary starting points. In 1898, the British government fixed 1 rupee equaled 1 shilling and 4 pence (1 pound = 15 rupees). You could have set anything. You could have said 1 rupee equals 10,000 pounds as the starting point and designed the economy that way. It would not have mattered at all. The starting points are merely for convenience.

What matters is, whether the currency is moving up or down over long time.  The rupee has gone down against the pound over the last 115 years and that is an indication that India's productivity has not kept up and/or the inflation was high relative to UK.

Also read:

  1. Eclectic Economics.
  2. Why has Indian rupee devalued from around Re. 5 per $1 at independence to around Rs 60 per $1 today?

What would happen if USD 1 = INR 1?

If China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka attack India at the same time, how long will it take to defeat India?

Answer by A Quora admin:

Look at it this way. If military strength is compared to a no holds barred fight, we have roughly a following distribution.

China is a professional boxer Lee. A world class one at that.

India is a street cop, Kumar. Can take care of street rats, but no match for the boxer when it comes to fight.

Pakistan is his 13 year old brother, Ali, aggressive, hot head, but untrained and fragile.

Sri Lanka is a 5 year old kid, Thiru.

Now, suppose, Ali, Lee and Thiru, all have decided to beat the shit out of Kumar, in a no holds barred street fight at Kumar's home. Who will Kumar worry the most about?  But obviously, Lee.

Kumar quickly slaps Thiru and Ali, making way to save himself from Lee. Lee, however is a professional, he throws a solid punch at Kumar's face, Kumar ducks, but couldn't evade the second punch right into his ribs. Kumar starts bleeding. He throws a couple of hands at Lee himself, but Lee doesn't find it anything close to painful. Meanwhile, Ali, tries to get hold of Kumar, Kumar, lends a solid kick to Ali, fending him off for some time, but this gives ample opportunity to Lee to deliver another sucker punch.

Kumar clearly knows that he will be defeated by Lee. He knew it before the fight even began. But what are Lee's intentions? Is it beating down Kumar just enough, or to do some serious damage?

If it is beating down Kumar, then he is probably done. He will leave the fight, and Kumar will let go of his anger on Ali. Thiru is just a kid here, whom Kumar loves very much anyways, so after a couple of slaps, Thiru would just be crying beyond measure.

Now, suppose, that's not the case. Then, it's a no holds barred fight, remember. Lee keeps on taking Kumar's case. Kumar is adamant, he won't bow. In this mind numbing scenario, Kumar accidentally punches Thiru, and Thiru was badly bruised. Ali keeps on getting his share of mis delivered punches from Lee, and a couple of solid blows from Kumar.

Kumar knows, that if he ends up fighting with Lee, with punches, he will be crippled permanently. So, he knows he has a grenade. But then, Lee has a grenade too. Both of them warn each other of their own grenades. Ali says, I have a grenade too. Both Kumar and Lee share a laugh. Ali says, I am damn serious. Both of them know, grenades are only to be used in situation of desperation, as they would both die, if it comes down to them, but have no faith whatsoever in Ali. Lee increases his unintentional blows to Ali. Things get ugly, the fight between Lee and Kumar becomes seriously bloody, but hasn't yet come down to the bombs.

Now, there are 3 neighbors down the next lane, USA as Andy, UK as Wilson and Russia as Vladimir. Andy is the MMA world champion. He hates Lee and has an on and off relationship with Ali. Andy, although he is the best in the world, shows off his power by beating and looting random 10 year olds like Iraq and Afghanistan, and uses them to practice actual fight. So, he is feared, seriously.

Wilson and Vlad are both WWE wrestlers, plenty of show off, but not really in a mood of real fight.

They all are seriously pissed off with Lee, for stealing all their business.

Now, when they realize that with Kumar beaten up, Lee will be ruling a full corner of the neighborhood, they realize that this would make Lee a grave danger to themselves and their livelihood. They also know that Lee, ultimately aims to take over the full area. They also know that if it comes down to bombs, the whole neighborhood is destroyed.

So, Andy threatens Lee to stay away from Kumar. Lee, says "Bullshit". Vlad and Wilson will keep on delivering Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson style lines, but will wait for Andy to do anything. Andy delivers couple of warnings more to Lee who in turn delivers another couple of punches to Kumar, and Andy says it's enough. Kumar is seriously bleeding now, and is seriously contemplating taken Lee down with himself using bombs, before Lee does some permanent damage to him. Andy knows this, and Lee knows this, but Lee wants to extract some more. Andy sees, it's enough.

Ali, meanwhile knows he can't take on Andy, says sorry to Andy, and sits like a good boy at home, leaving Kumar and his home. Andy even gives him money for an ice cream. Thiru, has gone missing in all this. May be, he would be found sometime later.

Andy steps in, delivers 3 solid kicks to Lee. Lee starts bleeding now. He knows that things have gone out of hand. Depending upon his mood, he will either step back, still swearing at Kumar, or if he has grown really powerful, take a stone and throw it at Andy's house.

This seriously infuriates Andy, who is now going to beat the shit out of Lee. He punches and kicks and punches and kicks Lee. Fighting moves to Lee's home. Lee, threatens Andy now, that he has got the bomb. Andy replies, "You have got bombs? I have got 100 times bigger bombs than you do." (which is by the way completely true). Lee is afraid. Wilson and Vlad join in, deliver a couple of punches to Lee, who is strangled by Andy.

Lee knows that this is seriously getting out of his hand now. He calls for help. But everybody hates him. Nobody comes. His own brother, Lama (Tibet), who is merely a 10 year old kid, whom he used to bully, comes to join the party and deliver two inconsequential blows to Lee.

Lee quickly changes stance, and makes peace with Andy. He gives all the money he made from Andy's customers back to Andy. Wilson and Vlad demand a share from Andy. Andy is like "Seriously?". They both shut up. Lee is bruised enough not to take on  Kumar again. Kumar is bruised enough not to take on him again. Lee takes out his wrath on Lama. Seriously.

Kumar's and Lee's houses as well as bodies are a shitty mess. One fourth of Kumar's house needs to be rebuilt, but he still owns the property. Ali never had a house, and has taken some serious damage. Thiru is still missing. Another kid, Gorkha (Nepal) has gone missing.

Meanwhile, in the next lane, Kawasaki (Japan) and Pufendorf (Germany) are celebrating Christmas in July, with Lee and Kumar out of business.

If China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka attack India at the same time, how long will it take to defeat India?