What are some bizarre facts about India that seem total lies but are actually true?

Answer by Sandeep Negi:

"from Raveena Tandon to Nawaz Sharif"A warhead used in Kargil War was scribbled with these letters by the Indian air force. Nawaz Sharif was the then Prime Minister of Pakistan and Raveena Tandon is a pretty actress of Bollywood famous in the nineties.

Rumour has it that Nawaz Sharif on his pre-war visit to India mentioned Raveena as his favorite actress.

Healthy humour amidst conflict.

What are some bizarre facts about India that seem total lies but are actually true?


What possible questions could be seen on Quora in the future?

Answer by Ravi Soni:

– Why did we leave earth?

– Why did we leave Justin Bieber on earth?

– Why did a large group of atheists settle on a separate planet?

– Why is Elon Musk our planet's chief since last 10 years?

– How did ISIS become extinct?

– How and why did all homophobic people become extinct?

– I am 22 years old. Is it too late for me to conquer a blackhole?

– My neighbor's robo-dog peed on my lawn. Should I sue him?

– What was the concept of money? Why did they get rid of it?

– Who won the intellectual war between the atheists and the theists?

– Who really won the battle of Apple Vs. Android fanboys?

– How good is iPhone 57s?

– How did it feel to buy Google?

– What was it like to use Internet Explorer?

– Where can I find a Nokia 3315/1100 vintage model?

And then some timeless gems:

– Why is Quora still ad-free?

– Which is the best editor? Emacs or Vim?

– Why can't I understand women?

– What is the meaning of life?

– When will Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar?

What possible questions could be seen on Quora in the future?

What are some interesting conversations recorded from stump mic during a cricket match?

Answer by Shashank Kumar:

The Correct word you are looking for is sledging.It has become pretty common now days.There are a lot of instances of  interesting words exchanged between bowlers and batsmen which have been recorded on the stump mike.Here are some of those

  • Sachin Tendulkar Vs Abdul Qadir

    The year was 1989, the little master had recently made his debut in Pakistan. Sachin was not even old enough to get a driving license. He was facing the best bowlers in the business. As the Pakistani crowds jeered and mocked Sachin holding out the placards saying ""Dudh Pita Bhachcha …ghar jaake dhoodh pee", (hey kid, go home and drink milk), Sachin sent the then young leg spinner Mustaq Ahmed hiding for cover (he had hit two sixes in one over.) The frustrated mentor of Mustaq Ahmed the legendary Abdul Qadir challenged Sachin saying "Bachchon ko kyon mar rahe ho? Hamein bhi maar dikhao` (`why are you hitting kids? Try and hit me! `).
    Sachin was silent, since then we all have come to know that he lets his bat do the talking. Abdul Quadir had made a simple request and Sachin obliged, and how. Sachin hit 4 sixes in the over, making the spinner look the kid in the contest. The over read 6, 0, 4, 6 6 6, David had felled Goliath … and a legend was born.

  • Healy & Atherton
    Michael Atherton, on his first Tour to Australia was adjudged not out on a caught behind appeal.
    At the end of the over Ian Healey walked by and announced "You're a f***ing cheat".
    Athers replied very politely "When in Rome dear boy….."

  • Rodney Marsh (Australia) and Ian Botham (England)

Rodney Marsh to Ian Botham in an Ashes match: “So how’s your wife and my kids?” Ian Botham’s reply – “The wife’s fine. The kids are retarded !”

  • Javed Miandad (Pakistan) and Merv Hughes (Australia)

Javed Miandad called Hughes a fat bus conductor during a match. A few balls later, Hughes dismissed Miandad. “Tickets please,” said Huges, as he ran past the departing batsman.

  • Glenn McGrath (Ausrtralia) and Ramnaresh Sarwan (West Indies)

McGrath to Ramnaresh Sarwan: “So what does Brian Lara’s di*k taste like?”Sarwan: “I don’t know. Ask your wife.

McGrath (lost his cool): “If you ever F**king mention my wife again, I’ll F**king rip your F**ing throat out.”

  • Douglas Jardine (England) and Bill Woodfull (Australia)

England player Jardine complained that one of the Australian players called him a bastard. Australian captain Bill Woodfull turns to his team, points to Jardine and asked “Which one of you bastards called this bastard a bastard?”

  • Mark Waugh (Australia) and Adam Parore (New Zealand)

Mark Waugh standing at second slip, Adam Parore played & missed the first ball. Mark – “Ohh, I remember you from a couple years ago in Australia. You were shit then, you’re ••••••• useless now”. Parore- (Turning around) “Yeah, that’s me & when I was there you were going out with that old, ugly slut & now I hear you’ve married her. You dumb ••••”.

  • Steve Waugh (Australia) and Parthiv Patel (India)

When Steve came (Steve’s last test match) to bat, Parthiv said, “Come on, just one more of the famous slog-sweeps before you finish” Steve-”Respect Me…for when i made my test debut You were still in your nappies”.

  • Glen McGrath (Australia) and Eddo Brandes (Zimbabwe)

Aussie paceman Glenn McGrath was bowling to Zimbabwe number 11 Eddo Brandes – who was just missing each ball. McGrath, frustrated, went to him and inquired: “Why are you so fat?”Quick as a flash, Brandes replied, “Because every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit.”

  • Ravi Shastri (India) and Mike Whitney (Australia)

Shastri hits the ball towards Mike Whitney (the 12th man in the game) and looked for a single. Whitney said, “If you leave the crease i’ll break your f***ing head”. Without battling an eyelid, Shastri retorted, “If you could bat as well as you can talk you wouldn’t be the f***ing 12th man”.

  • Sunil Gavaskar (India) and Viv Richards (West Indies)

To ease the pressure on himself, Sunil Gavaskar had decided to come lower down the order and bat at No 4 for that particular match. But, Malcolm Marshall fired out Anshuman Gaekwad and Dilip Vengsarkar for ducks, setting the stage for Gavaskar to walk in at 0/2. Viv Richards said “Man, it don’t matter where you come in to bat, the score is still zero.”

  • Viv Richards (West Indies) and Merv Hughes (Australia)

Viv Richards hit Merv Hughes for four consecutive boundaries in one over. Merv stops halfway down the pitch, farted loudly, and said to Viv: “let’s see you hit that to the boundary!” Viv was dumb-founded.

  • Flintoff Vs Tino Best

Best, never short of a word or two when he is bowling, was done up like a kipper by the England all-rounder as West Indies slumped to defeat in the first Test. Flintoff saw his opponent preparing to face Giles' off-spin and shouted: "Watch the windows, Tino!" The wind-up had the desired effect, causing Best to come charging out of his crease like a man possessed. He took a wild swing at the ball, missed and was promptly stumped by Geraint Jones. Not a broken window in sight. Flintoff could not contain himself and spent the next five minutes giggling like a teenager, as Best sat on the balcony ruing his stupidity.

  • Truman and Aussies

Australia fighting for a win nearing the end of a test match, Fred Truman at the crease. The Aus captain has plenty of close in fielders, whose shadows fall on the wicket. Freddie finds this objectionable. 'Ere, if you lads don't back off, I'll appeal for bad light!"

  • Robin Smith & Merv Hughes
    During 1989 Lords Test Hughes said to Smith
    after he played& missed:"You can't f**king bat". Smith to Hughes after he
    smacked him to theboundary: "Hey Merv, we make a fine pair. I can't f**king
    bat & you can't f**king bowl."
  • Ricky Ponting & Shaun Pollock
    After beating the bat with a couple of deliveries, Pollock told Ponting: "It's red, round & weighs about 5 ounces." Ponting hammered the next ball out of the ground and retorted: "You know what it looks like, now go find it."
  • Merv Hughes & Viv Richards
     During a test match in the West Indies, Hughes
    didn't say a word to Viv, but continued to stare at him after deliveries.
    "This is my island, my culture. Don't you be staring at me. In my culture we
    just bowl." Merv didn't reply, but after he dismissed him he announced to
    the batsman: "In my culture we just say f**k *ff."
  • Malcolm Marshall was bowling to David Boon who had played and missed a  couple of times. Marshall : "Now David, Are you going to get out now or am I going to have to bowl around the wicket and kill you?"
  • Malcolm Marshall to David Boon

    Shane Warne: I've waited two years for another chance to humiliate you.
    Daryll Cullinan: Looks like you spent it eating.

  • Waugh Vs Jamie Siddons
    In a Sheffield Shield game between NSW and SA, a Waugh twin (not sure which) was taking an eternity to take guard, asking the umpire for centre, middle and leg, two legs – the whole lot. Then he steps away towards leg side and has another look around the field, before re checking centre.
    Jamie Siddons is at slip, had decided enough is enough. He yells out."For Christ sake, it's not a 'f***ing test match."
    Waugh replies: "Of course it isn't … You're here.
  • Fred Trueman bowling. The batsman edges and the ball goes to first
    slip,and right between Raman Subba Row's legs. Fred doesn't say a word. At
    the end of the over, Row ambles past Trueman and apologises sheepishly. "I
    should've kept my legs together, Fred". "So should your mother" he replied.

    These are only some of them.For more of them ,you can refer the references.

Ten Most “Hilarious” Sledging incidents in World Cricket

What are some interesting conversations recorded from stump mic during a cricket match?

What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

Answer by Hari Sriram:

No, it is not about Dubsmash, not the Selfies, not the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I was out for lunch with my friends couple of years ago and after finishing my lunch I noticed leftovers in almost everyone's plate which made me curious and I intiated a conversation which went like this ..

Me: What happened, guys? Why have you wasted the food .. Dont you like it?

X: We aren't wasting the food. It doesn't look good if your plate is clean.. It's sort of not decent and moreover, Everyone starts judging you, bhai.. as if you're a hungry beggar on the streets. 

I was like .. 'Man, WTF? There are people dying on the streets without this food and you're trying to be cool by wasting food.. ' I didn't tell him,though!
To my bad, other guys defended X.

I thought that'd the last time I'd ever hear something as stupid as that.

However, The so called 'Youth' had different plans.

Over the past two years after that day, I have met several people who told me that it is a must to waste some amount of food always after a meal. The selfies .. The dubsmash.. No, I don't find them stupid. This one is real stupid.

What's cool in wasting your food just for the sake of letting people know that you're not dying for it?

We live in a country where Farmers are commiting suicide because of poverty. They work all day to provide food for the whole nation and they themselves are dying without food. ( The irony). There are people dying everyday because of not getting the amount of food you wasted at McD or KFC.

Do you still think it is cool to waste food ?

I hope these things change. Right Now.

P.S: Yeah, it is your money but, Nation's resource.

What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

What are some good “mini habits” to practice each day?

Answer by James Zhu:

Use your left hand to brush your teeth every morning.

 If you are a left-hander, then brush your teeth with your right hand. To make it concise, I will assume the following cases are for right-handers. Hope left-handers will be understanding about that.

God gives us two hands, but it seems we rely too much on our right hand. It bears too much and on the other hand, we haven't explored the potential of our left hand. It's not fair for both of them.

I wasn't born to brush with my left hand. I got this advice from a guy I met in basketball court. Yes, I am a huge basketball fan. I 've been obsessed with it since I was a teenager. I was having a hard time improving myself back then. Anyone who knows a thing or two about basketball  understands the importance of the balance between two hands. Being good at left hand means a whole new world will be opened for you. I was much aware of it. But everytime I forced myself to play with my left hand, it's so uncomfortable that I can't help but use my right hand again.

Then I met this guy. I was so shocked and surprised to see how one can be adept with both hands. Then I asked him how  he made it. He told me that he has formed this habit to brush teeth with his left hands since he joined the army. Their commander asked them to do it so that it will help them balance both hands.

From that day on, I began to force myself to brush teeth with my left hand. It's sure not easy at first, but after getting over the first few days, it becomes so much natural that you won't even realize you are using your left hand.

It has changed me a lot, not just for my basketball skill, but also makes me know if one is determined enough, he can make a difference even it's something that sticks with him in his whole life.

Give it a shot and see how long you can persist.

What are some good “mini habits” to practice each day?

Why is Karna so overrated?

Answer by Aditya Awalkar:

Overrated? Seriously?
He is rather underrated in my opinion.

Here are a few points which might change your opinion-

  • He was abandoned by his own mother,was forced to live a life of banishment.
  • His Guru cursed him that he will forget everything that he has learned at the time of war when it's needed the most.
  • While helping a child, he was cursed by Bhoomidevi that at a very crucial moment in battle, his chariot wheel would be  trapped as tightly as he had held that fistful of soil.
  • He was betrayed by his enemies who disguised and took his Armour.
  • He was battling with enemies which were uncountable times stronger than him on paper.
  • He was unethically killed by his enemies.

Even in such a miserable life, he didn't give up. He always did his karma and never expected anything in return.

Speaking of his valor, skills and Dharma principles, there are many. many anecdotes, shortly mentioning a few-

  • Karna managed to push Arjun's chariot behind when Krishna and Hanuman were in it. Krishna praised him
  • When Krishna proved to Arjun why Yudhishthir is called Dharmaraj (Religion king) and Karna Daanveer (Donation king) even though both never refused alms to anyone.
  • Karna's version of shooting the bird's eye when he hit both eyes of the bird.
  • Giving his armor to Indra in spite of recognizing his disguise.
  • Refusing Naga Ashwasena to fire once again in the form of an arrow.
  • Sparing the lives of other 4 Pandavas because Kunti had requested him to do so.

Here's one of the anecdote which is undoubtedly the best one-

Dharma till death:

When Karna was on his death bed, Krishna came to test him. He disguised himself as a Brahmin saint , and asked Karna for some offering in the name of Dharma. Karna grabbed a stone from his macabre surroundings. He then thwarted the stone into his mouth and although his brutally beaten frame was cursing every movement he was afflicting upon himself, he kept doing that continuously. Meanwhile Krishna was surprised as well as awed by courage of this great warrior. After many strong blows, Karna was able to break two golden teeth he had, and offered them to the disguised Krishna. Krishna being extremely impressed by the valor of this great warrior , did not show any visible emotions. Instead he cursed Karna(to test him again) on how he was offering such saliva ridden teeth to such a pious brahmin. Karna deeply engraved by this statement, tried to crawl up to his bow and arrow. His bow was in tatters and the thread supporting it was nowhere to be seen. He cursed himself upon the defeat he faced to Arjuna in the earlier part of the day, and kept crawling to find an auxiliary thread to support his bow. Luckily he found one a few feet away from him. Every inch that he crawled made his wounds even more blood stained, and he was slowly losing his consciousness. But he kept crawling as the legend of Karna will not have an apt ending if this saint would not be satiated by him. Finally having reached the supporting thread he drew the thread in his bow. Meanwhile his hand continued to bleed profusely, and his nerves were on the verge of bursting up. He finally launched the final assault on his body and caressed the final arrow of his life into the ground. Subsequently, a stream of water came bursting out of the ground. He washed those saliva and blood stained teeth in  this pristine stream of water and offered them to the disguised saint. Krishna embarrassed and visibly taken aback, gave up his disguised identity and came in his original form. Bowing to the great warrior he said, "Karna, if you want I can make you alive at this moment and make the world bow at your feet. Until you are there at the face of this earth, I am assured that Adharma shall never ever reign on this planet". Karna replied, "O Lord Krishna, you are the creator and are omnipresent everywhere. Don't insult me by bowing in front of me. I have had enough of travails and hardships in my life, so much that even the most ebullient luxuries are not able to lure me back into this life again. Let me die in peace and assure me that the legend of Karna may inspire generations to come. I beg forgiveness for all the wrongs that I have done unintentionally. Let the world turn into a righteous place, where the reign of Dharma shall ensure prosperity to everyone irrespective of their not caste and their not so noble beginnings”. Krishna silently nodded in agreement and blessed the warrior prince.

Whenever I'm sad, depressed, broken or feel that life is unfair, I remind myself of Karna. His fighting spirit, his principles of Dharma inspire me, motivate me.

Karna reminds me of the saying ”Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Despite so much pain and ill-fate, he never gave up and always did what was right in true sense.

If history would be remembered once again, there won't be any character in the entire world as unblessed, as unlucky, as impecunious as Karna. Even with his imperfect destiny, he has left a legacy which people look up to.

Still think he is overrated?

Why is Karna so overrated?

Why doesn’t Jupiter have a surface that you can stand on?

Answer by Robert Frost:

On Earth, we have a rather dramatic transition from gas (our atmosphere) to solid (the Earth's crust).  That sharp transition creates a medium in which we can easily move through the air but receive enough resistance from the solid that it can support us – we can stand on it.

On Jupiter there is no such transition.  Instead as we work our way down through Jupiter's atmosphere it just keeps getting denser and denser.  Eventually the gaseous hydrogen becomes liquid hydrogen.  We keep descending and it becomes denser and denser until that liquid hydrogen becomes a super hot liquid metal.  If we kept descending, we likely would eventually come to a solid core.  But the interior pressure on Jupiter is millions of times greater than on the Earth.  The heat and pressure would have destroyed us and our spacecraft long before we got to that core.  The extreme density of the liquid would have made it impossible for us to even propel ourselves towards the core.

Why doesn't Jupiter have a surface that you can stand on?

What is it like to argue with someone smarter than you?

Answer by Ian Armstrong:

If you find yourself losing a factual argument, you're dealing with a clever person.

If you find yourself agreeing with them, you're dealing with a smart person.

If you find you've somehow talked yourself into the other person's point of view, you're dealing with a wise master. Enjoy those moments, they're rare.

If you find yourself feeling stupid as a result, you're dealing with an egotistical jerk.

If you find you feel bad about yourself afterwards, but can't say why, you're probably just dealing with an asshole.

What is it like to argue with someone smarter than you?

Is it true that males don’t pick up hints that women leave them such as subtle flirts or signs to show we’re interested?

Answer by Franklin Veaux:

It's not that "males don't pick up hints." It's that hints are ambiguous, by definition, and respectful men don't hit on you based on ambiguous information.

On top of that, they're a cop-out.

When you give someone subtle signs that you're interested, think of what you're really saying. You're really saying "I like this person, but I won't tell him because I am too scared and too frightened of rejection. So I am going to drop subtle hints that don't reeeeaaaallly communicate how I feel. I want him to take the chance. I want him to be the one to risk rejection. I want him to take the risk I'm too scared to take."

Transferring risk onto other people because you're scared is not a very nice thing to do.

Is it true that males don't pick up hints that women leave them such as subtle flirts or signs to show we're interested?

Why do name-brand glasses and sunglasses cost so much?

Answer by Hung Lee:

The 'companies' you mentioned is actually more like 'The Company'. The eye wear market is a hidden monopoly, and one company controls the entire market.

You like those shades from Burberry, Chanel, Polo Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Tiffany, Versace, Vogue, Persol, Miu Miu, Tory Burch or Donna Karan? All are made under license by a company called Luxottica.

More of a Ray-Ban, Oakley, Oliver Peoples or REVO man? All brands owned outright by Luxottica.

Remember the name – Luxottica. The next time you spend $400.00+ on your must-have summer accessory, be aware that they're making 64 cents margin on every dollar you're giving them.

Why do name-brand glasses and sunglasses cost so much?