If a person is born deaf, which language do they think in?

Answer by Michele Westfall:

I was born Deaf and have been Deaf my whole life. I do not wear hearing aids or cochlear implants (and have no desire to wear either). I speak American sign language (ASL) and it is my primary language. I am a mother of two born-Deaf children, so our being Deaf is genetic for us.

I have a 'voice' in my head, but it is not sound-based. I am a visual being, so in my head, I either see ASL signs, or pictures, or sometimes printed words. My inner 'voice' does have words, concepts, and thoughts.  My mind is not blank, nor is it "silent."

I process information through my brain, my eyes, my nose, my tongue, and my touch, all in the same way anyone would process their information. Sound just isn't part of my thought process, and because it's not part of my thought process does not mean I don't have an inner voice.  I do.

I'm a conscious, sentient being who thinks and reasons.  🙂

If a person is born deaf, which language do they think in?


What are some embarrassing puberty stories?

Answer by Himanshu Gupta:

I was in ninth grade when the following incident happened with a classmate/friend of mine.
It was winters, our school had a strict policy against cell phones being brought by the students at the school premises. Somebody had tipped one of our lady teachers that somebody had brought a phone to our class. So, there was an impromptu checking of every student in our class. My friend being a trouble-maker was the first one to be checked and as luck would have it, he was having an erection at that moment. The teacher started checking his blazer pockets with her hands, not finding anything she came to his pant pockets, she felt something hard and rigid down 'there'. The teacher suspecting 'it' as a phone furiously asked "WHAT IS THIS?". In response, his face got scarlet with extreme embarrassment and kept quiet. By that time the teacher realised what it actually was, she also became red with embarrassment and immediately left without uttering a single word.
To this day we laugh our heads off talking about this incident whenever we meet.
P.S.- Believe me when I say it's my friend's story.

What are some embarrassing puberty stories?

What can I learn in one minute that will be useful for the rest of my life?

Answer by Parvesh Kadiyan:

Right method of using sticky notes

You might have experienced that the sticky notes don’t always stick that well. They tend to curl up, and fall to the floor after a while.

But there is a solution in the way you peel off the sticky note.

The usual way is:

But when you do it this way, the sticky note will curl up and disappear from your wall after a little while and finally end up in the dustbin.

The better way is to peel if off from left to right:

Start at the left side of the pad and pull the note to the right. The blue line indicates the adhesive and the red  arrow is the direction to move the sticky note. When you stick this sticky note to the wall, you’ll notice that it doesn’t curl up, and thus will stick many times longer.

This picture shows the difference:

Peeling off sticky notes creates 'microfolds' in the paper, perpendicular to the peeling direction:  

If the adhesive band is parallel to the microfolds(upper row), the sheets remain bended, similar as for fake eyelashes.
If the adhesive band is perpendicular to the microfolds, it countereffects this bending, making sure that the sheet remains flat.

Happy sticking!

Thanks you Job Bouwman for the explanation part.

How to peel off a Sticky Note – Bart Vermijlen
How to stick a sticky note

What can I learn in one minute that will be useful for the rest of my life?

What are some of the best examples of sarcasm?

Answer by Bharti Paryani:

Well… we had a team meeting, where our project manager had plans to convince all the developers to permanently settle down at their workstation till project completes. Almost everyone in the team was already working approx 20 hours a day, many times overnight. We just refused to come on Sunday (of course we had to work on Saturdays too).

So the meeting went on like this…

Manager:For those who are married, I can understand you have family to take care of, and I buy these reasons for not putting in additional hours. But for you all unmarried ones, what reason do you have. WHAT ON EARTH YOU DO THAT YOU CAN'T PUT THESE ADDITIONAL HOURS?
Hmm… this was super rude. Each of us was silent because we were pissed at his statement.
Manager: (Pointing out to one of the developers, let’s call him Geek) "okay Geek… so you tell me what do you do when you are at home?"
Geek: "Surprisingly… my mom keeps asking me the same thing… what exactly do you do at the office for such long hours?!!!"
Manager: "So, what do you tell her?"
Geek (epic response): "I ask her to not to interfere in my office matters".

This was a polite way to say “please don't interfere in our personal lives”. I understood his sarcasm only after we were out of that meeting and my other colleague explained to me. We thanked Geek for such a wonderful response that made our manager shut up.

What are some of the best examples of sarcasm?

Why can we smell alcohol but not sugar in our drink?

Answer by Roman Saini:

This is a very basic question when it comes to human olfaction. People usually think or feel that alcohol has a very "strong" smell and hence, we are able to smell it. But, our olfactory receptors can smell the compounds only in a certain specific range of molecular weight (15-294 usually). Hence, you can smell alcohol easily, with a molecular weight of 46 but not sugar, as its molecular weight (342) is beyond the limits of human olfaction.

Why can we smell alcohol but not sugar in our drink?