What are some stories where a person wins by losing?

Answer by Dhawal Barot:

"Get me a glass of water you useless idiot." Raj ordered Meera.
"What? What did you just say? Do you have manners to talk with a woman?" Raj's dad scolded him instantly.
Raj replied, "But dad, she's useless. She is just doing WhatsApp and television all the day and…"
Raj's mother interrupted him by saying, "Shut up! Who told you that? Don't use insulting words. Don't forget you have a mother and a sister too, and say sorry to Meera now."
Raj excused, "But mom,"
Raj's dad scolded him with higher voice, "That's an order. Did you hear me?"
Raj confront an apology to Meera and went into the bedroom.
Raj's mother came to Meera and said, "We're sorry on behalf of Raj beta. Please let it go. We're always there as parents with you. Never feel worried or alone."
"I am feeling shameful that you have to face this within two months of marriage. Raj has never been like that. I'll make sure that he never harass you anymore beta." Raj's father replied.
Meera had tears in eyes, but she felt happy that her in-laws were supportive.
She went to the bedroom and Raj angrily closed the bedroom. He turned back with a smile and said, "I told you that mother-in-law can treat you like a mother and father-in-law can treat you like a father. Now do you believe me?"
With a shock, Meera asked, "What? Are you insane? You did all this for that stupid bet."
Raj came close to Meera and said, "No, I did that for you. I just wanted you to realize that relationship means love and trust, not blood only."
She finally understood Raj's intention behind that drama and thanked him.
Raj teased her to stop crying, "This was our first bet after marriage and you lost. How does that feel loser?"
Meera smiled and replied, "You know Raj, I truly won today."

What are some stories where a person wins by losing?


What are some of the best real life examples of karma?

Answer by Shoaib Mohammad:

Here's a story of a man, who's name hasn't been disclosed, who encountered instant karma.
The story originally written in Malayalam, and posted to a public group on Facebook by the name Right Thinkers.
A man entered at a small hotel in Malappuram in Kerala for dinner, after an all day long meeting, and placed his order. As his order arrived, the man noticed a pair of small eyes, outside the window, wishfully looking at the food served on various tables.
A little ragpicker.
Man gestured the little boy to come in, and he came in with his little sister. He asked them what they'd like to have and the boy pointed at the plate on his table. He ordered another plate.
When the food was served, the little boy couldn't contain his excitement. Just before he started, his sister held his hand, stopping him. He understood she wants them both to wash their hands before starting.
The kids quietly finished the food ordered for them. Neither did they speak to each other, or smile. When done, they rose, looked at the man, washed their hands and left. The man hadn't touched his food yet. He felt full.
He finished his meal and called for the bill. When he got back to the table after washing his hands, he saw the bill and it moved him to tears he had bene holding back all this while.
The bill had no amount, but a message for him.
It read, "We don't have a machine that can bill humanity. May good happen to you."

What are some of the best real life examples of karma?

What’s in chocolate that kills dogs?

Answer by Adriana Heguy:

Theobromine, which is an alkaloid, is the toxic substance in chocolate.
But the dose makes the poison. It's also toxic in humans but the lethal dose 50 (LD50, which is the dose at which 50% of people or animals will die) is much higher in humans, which is 1000 mg/kg of body weight, while in cats its 200 mg/kg in cats and 300 mg/kg in dogs. Bear in mind that dogs and cats are smaller than humans, so that compounds the potential lethality.
Dark chocolate (85% cacao) has 810 mg per 100 g, so for a 70 kg adult human, you'd have to eat >7 kilograms of dark chocolate to get close to the LD50. But a small dog will get sick and potentially die from just one bar of dark chocolate. there is a calculator here: Chocolate Toxicity Meter | petMD . I would say it's best not to give them any. My dogs go crazy for chocolate so I usually give them a tiny sliver just to let them taste it. My dogs are 50 lbs each so I would have to give them more than one bar to kill them, but in any case I'm not risking it.
EDIT: many people worrying about the health effects on people commented. Please, read the numbers above. The dose makes the poison. It's virtually impossible to kill yourself by eating chocolate. Dark chocolate actually has health benefits: Why Is Dark Chocolate Good for You? Thank Your Microbes

What's in chocolate that kills dogs?

What is the most unrealistic thing in life that exists as reality?

Answer by Sangam Singh:

Most people don't know about Magnetars. Magnetars are formed after the death of stars (it depends what kind of star it is). Magnetars have such strong magnetism that it's stated that it could literally suck the iron from your blood even if you were hundreds of thousands of miles away. It is quadrillions of times more powerful than earth's magnetic field. They have been stated to be so impossibly dense that if you were to scoop a teaspoon of its material and drop it, it'd fall right through the earth.

What is the most unrealistic thing in life that exists as reality?