What are the best websites a programmer should visit?

Answer on @Quora by Ashish Padalkar to What are the best websites a programmer should visit?

Answer by Ashish Padalkar:

Here are the links which I collected during my 4 years of undergraduate in CSE.

When you get stuck :

    • Stack Overflow : subscribe to their weekly newsletter and any other topic which you find interesting


    • Hacker News : subscribe to their mailing list and get the top news directly to your inbox.
    • Ars Technica : posts unique quality articles
    • TechCrunch : another good website for tech news
    • The Verge : Tech Gadget related news.
    • GSMArena.com : news related to latest mobile phones and android.

Coding practice for beginners

For those who want to start a small project but cant find the ideas

General Coding advice

Coding Style

Interview Preparation

Blogs of Developers :

Watch others code

    • LiveCoding.tv – screencast of people building application , websites , games ect.

What should a programmer know :

Open source coding:

Competitive programming

YouTube Channels:

Tutorials :

Computer Books

Video Tutorials

Online Compiler and Sharing Code snippets:

MOOCs for learning something new

Sites related to your preffered programming language ( For me Java )

Seminar , research writing , talksect

Everything in one place:

When you get bored from CS related stuff :

What are the best websites a programmer should visit?


What is a unique job that you’ve only seen in your country?

Answer on @Quora by Nazia Muhammad to What is a unique job that you've only seen in your country?

Answer by Nazia Muhammad:

The Hyena Men of Nigeria

As infants, we wore no diapers. We run around starkers galore — peeing wherever we liked. So that means we grow up to about 7 or 8 still wetting the bed at night.

We are just supposed to magically stop wetting the bed at a certain age. For the few of us that passes beyond that age and still wetting the bed, the Hyena Men comes in.

​They walk around with a muzzled hyena on a leash, carrying a megaphone, going through nooks and crannies, calling out to households if they have kids still wetting their bed. They have a cure.

They get paid to take the child (wailing and crying) on a ride on the back of the hyena through the village square with everyone watching.

I have no idea how, but the therapy works — probably because of the trauma the kid is being put through.

Edit — I thank everyone for the upvotes and comments.

This business plies in the northern part of Nigeria. I grew up in a small town in the outskirts of Kano (some might've heard of it) and this was an august occasion at the time. The men are traditional healers and can mediate for other afflictions as well.

Edit 2 — For those who want to see the documentary of today's face of the business, search for "Faces of Africa: The Hyena Men" on Youtube (Provided by Ehimah Obuse and Najeeb Sheikh in the comment section).

What is a unique job that you've only seen in your country?

What is the most embarrassing thing your family (parents or siblings) has said to your crush?

Answer by Abhishek Agarwal:

This happened to me a while back when i was in college and there was a girl i had crush on. One day she had some problem with her laptop so she had came to my house for help . i was so happy finally something is happening and i had make sure my room was looking perfect.
She came into the room and we started to talk then suddenly my mom came to my room and this conversion happened.
Mom : tumhari ek underwear nahi mil rahi h. ( you one underwear is missing )
Me : kya ( What !!!!. Dying inside)
Mom tumhari ek underwear nahi mil rahi h tumne abhi konsi pehan rakhi h.(Your one underwear is missing . which one are you wearing today )
Me : Mummy jao please ( Mom just go !!!)
then she turned  towards my crush and just put the final nail in the coffin. 😀
Mom: Ye apni cheezo k bilkul bhi dhyan nahi rakhta h kahi bhi chod aata h isliye mujhe dhyan rakhna padta h.( He doesn't take care of this things and always leave them here and there so i have to keep track of everything )
Me :
Obviously my crush started laughing after my mom went and teased me a lot till now even after she became my girlfriend.(Yes i did it !!)
EDIT  : Most of the people in comment are saying that may be this incident help me but the Twist in the story is that she also had a crush on me and knew about me liking her through her sister who was my friend.
She told me this when she asked me out 3 months after this incident  XD

What is the most embarrassing thing your family (parents or siblings) has said to your crush?