Why is Arvind Kejriwal taunting Modi for India’s failed NSG bid?

Why is Arvind Kejriwal taunting Modi for India's failed NSG bid? by Bala Senthil Kumar

Answer by Bala Senthil Kumar:

AK is a whiny adolescent! I hope he will grow up to be fourteen soon.

In AK's childhood, in 2004, India made its first attempt to get into the NSG. We wanted to buy and trade in nuclear fuel, just like every legitimate nuclear power in the world. But without signing the NPT, which India has always felt is a discriminatory document as it stands, and sets no timetable for reduction of nuclear weapons with the most powerful nations, we were always bound to try other spheres of influence to get into the NSG.

If India is given membership based on its non NPT signatory status, despite its very clean record as a responsible nuclear power, then every nation that is a non NPT signatory will have a legitimate claim for membership.

As things stand we can still buy and sell using bilateral treaties and agreements, and without shady secrecy or shrouding anything in mystery, but being part of the NSG would have given us what we think is a deserving position. It is perfectly fair for the existing members (many of who have signed the NPT because it is in their favour already, to simply ask us to wait.

Neither should any of us act like the happy wife whose husband's lover has deserted him, or feel happy about the Modi government's continued attempt at getting us into the NSG failing, just because we can take a bitch snipe against Modi. But a broad minded and knowledgeable perspective may yet be unavailable to adolescents. After all, it is hard for whiny adolescents to know what happened way back in 2004.

Why is Arvind Kejriwal taunting Modi for India's failed NSG bid?


I’m a 22 year old earning Rs 80k per month. My monthly expenditure would be Rs 20-25k. How should I invest the rest?

I'm a 22 year old earning Rs 80k per month. My monthly expenditure would be Rs 20-25k. How s… by Shambhavi Choudhary

Answer by Shambhavi Choudhary:

55-60 K is a very good amount of money one intends to save in today's life.

Let us assume you save Rs60000 per month.I would invest 60% and keep 40% in my account which is 36k for investment and 24k for saving in a savings account.

1)PPF account-15 years plan
-The earlier you start the best for you

-Try to plan per yearly how much you want to dedicate to PPF based on your salary.For example if I target Rs 1000/year.Try to divide it by 12(no of months) i.e Rs 83.3 and add an auto debit of Rs 83.3 to your PPF account

-Try to transfer the money you intend to before 5th of the month so as to gain the running month's interest

-Helpful in longer terms

-As per me, add average money which is not immediately required by you  as the duration period is a long term one i.e 15 years

-Government is too lenient for PPF

-Interest rate 8.75% and amount one can add to there PPF account ranges from mere Rs 500 to 1.5 lakhs(recently increased)

2)SIP(MF):2-5 years gives best outcome for midcap and 10-12 years for large cap

-Personally for me I go for mid cap investments

-Try 2 mid cap and 1 large cap investment(if you can afford)

-For details see here: Shambhavi Choudhary's answer to What are the differences between small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap mutual funds in India?

-No tax benefits but great return

-Lock in period  investments do have tax benefits but minimum period is 3 years

3)NSC: 5 years

-Buy National Saving certificates for the extra added income

-Example, if you target to buy 25k , the amount is almost 1.5   years

-Good tax benefits

4)Life Insurance Policy:16-25 years duration plan have best outcome

-An okay investment

-Good tax benefits

-Buy one when you can afford

-LIC Insurances are the best Example:Jeevan Anand

-Term Insurance is a good investment here

5)Other optional investments:Do only when permissible

a)Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savigs Scheme


c)Post office Saving's bank A/C/Time Deposit scheme/MIS

6)Last but not the least-FD and RD:

A)Fixed Deposits:(6 months-15 years)

When you get a bonus/any investment matures/a major chunk of money keep it in FD.Today, private banks like ICICI,HDFC etc has made it really transparent where you can open through netbanking itself.The minimum period is 6 months.They don't come under tax exemption but are a great asset.Minimum FD period avaialble is 7 days however I would prefer the money to go for minimum 6 months.

B)Recurring Deposits:(6 months-15 years)

-One should make a rule of always having a recurring deposit in Life while you are earning.

-Merely starts from 500 Rs and the best middle duration (keeping best interest provided in mind) is 15 months


-Convert your RD total (once it matures) into FD if you really don't need that money

-Keep minimum 2 RD's

-Can be broken at any point of time

-Highly recommended

Note on investments:
1)ELSS/Lock in period enabled MF are also a good investment because you have a good amount of money to be saved

2)Medical insurance/dependent insurance/donations/planned vacations are few things your money would go , I have not included them here however if you are in a steady position buy medical insurance and include your family as well. For example, in my company this has been already provided .

Savings in your Bank Account:

For me personally, they are really helpful in my time of need.

It is good to keep a good chunk of money in your saving's account which you can use in emergency/contingency.This includes no credit card  payments for buying gifts for loved ones/planning a trip etc without credit money.That will feel awesome.For example, as stated earlier if I target Rs 1000 as my savings per month I will add Rs 400(40%) to my savings bank account.

Some personal tips:

a)Open a savings account and link your salary account to it.Go for an auto debit from your sal account to this savings account.

b)It is highly recommended that keep a Public sector bank as your saving's bank

c)Do not handle much of it in terms of Netbanking,mobile banking.Infact I don't carry the ATM also with me.This is a pschycological game I play with myself to save myself from being a spendthrift.If I carry the ATM , I shall know I have money and can spend more than reqd(human tendency nothing bad in it)

d)Interest earned on SB account is taxfree(limited upto 10k is if the interest)

Suggestions on how to save money:

1)Calculate your tax much ahead for a financial year and plan your investments.Keep a record of all of them like date start , date end, rate% , amount paid and amount received.

2)Calculate your daily expenditures and if possible maintain a diary.When you see how much you spend you can identify what was your requirement and what was absolutely not

3)The Warren Buffet principle: Salary-savings=your expenditures and not Salary-expenditures=savings

4)Don't invest much on yourself for no reason.Personally I have seen people who spend major chunk of there salaries for fun every weekend.They are not worth it.Sometimes it is fine.

5)Buy PM  Yojnas recently launched it hardly costs Rs 12/335

6)Target to save 35-40% of your salary

7)Compare all policies/rate of interest/any plans on policy bazar first.

8)If you are into private sector, go for NPS(National Pension Scheme) because we don't have govt jobs who can depend on pension.We youngsters hardly think about future

9)Keep track of your PF , through EPFO website/app

10)Credit cards are just means to fool you.Keep one if you really require.Once you possess, make sure you maintain it.Don't ever ever come in terms of EMIs.They are a real waste.I can for example maintain a good credit score.I shop with my credit card only but also maintain information on how much I own.I transfer that money to my savings bank and during payment I do not struggle.However, if you cannot maintain I would not recommend being a spendthrift through credit card

11)This will be enough saving, and in few years you will be in a position to take this further to step 2.you can always go for buying home,property,car or anything of need once you know you are financially stable.Even though you have money, take a home loan because they help a lot in tax benefits.Some other regular tax benefit can include donations,Tution fees of your children,education loan etc

12)Try as much auto debit as you can for all investments and savings.Mentally you will know how much you have in your account and how much you need to spend.If not auto debit, maintain a chart and make transfers by 1/2nd of every month.

13)Dont compromise on quality life for savings

14)Respect in material world comes from money but Love comes from relations 🙂 Plan the best for  both money and Love from your relations


Note: I have given all possible options, you may not able to fulfill all so prioritize on your own which may be different from person to person.Also, I have not included stocks which does not mean I don't support it but that is one complete different http://forte.In a nutshell, I personally invest 10-20k in stocks per year as I am still a learner.

I'm a 22 year old earning Rs 80k per month. My monthly expenditure would be Rs 20-25k. How should I invest the rest?

To Indian girls: What is the salary package that you are expecting from your future or would – be husband?

To Indian girls: What is the salary package that you are expecting from your future or would – be husb… by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

Indian male 27 years. Earning 18lpa.
Passout from NIT.

I have reasonably good looks (based on the attention I got in school, college and social media).
I am into sports, I play some musical instruments and I am fairly good with my communication skills.

I was dating the prettiest girl from my college back then; we almost had a perfect relationship, both of us used to kick ass during college days by becoming Ms and Mr fresher, farewell etc. All in all I couldn't have asked for more.
We got placed in reputed companies. I started my career with 5lpa and she also started hers with 5 lpa.
Fast forward 2 years I was earning around 8 lpa and she also earning around 7 lpa. Her parents started looking a groom for her when she told them that we are in a relationship. I met her parents and she met mine . Everything seemed to be fine though her father was not too happy with my financial status ( mind you my family is sufficiently rich).
As her father was not satisfied with me they still continued to look for grooms for her despite strong oppositions from her and my end.

I didn't worry as I thought that i have my girl with me and nothing else matters.
Well I was wrong, she got a proposal of a MBA graduated from top B school of US and settled in US. He was an average looking guy and she was way too good looking for him.
She told me about that and the first time in our relationship I felt insecure and I could sense that she's also interested in him.
In the next 1 month fights grew over this topic and we finally separated. 
She got married in the next 2 months.
She's well settled in US now after quitting her job.

She's now busy trotting the globe with her husband while I am still single.

My parents have started searching a girl for me and I manage my matrimonial account on my own.

Following is my experience:

1. Parents of the girls call me and straight away they are interested on my salary. I sometimes feel that any day someone will ask my income tax return statement.

2. When the talks reach to the stage when the girl interacts with me, I always ask what if I want to give up my job and start a business. Almost every single one says that they'll have to talk to their parents about that.
I mean wtf!!!

3. The girls earning similar to me think that I should do an mba from a top b school in USA. Somehow they feel that the NIT pedigree is not good enough. They are ok with what I am earning at this stage but as per them it would be great if I could do a 1 year mba from INSEAD, ISB or some b school in USA.  They're ok to wait for an year.

4. The girls earning less than 10 lpa are eager to accept anything I tell them. Once I told a girl that I drink and smoke sometimes (which I dont). She was like OK. I have no problem with it.

Marriage in india is a serious business.
It's all about money, fame, beauty, power.

I am done with this drama of marriage, I am happy getting on occasional dates through dating apps.

To Indian girls: What is the salary package that you are expecting from your future or would – be husband?

What are some mind-blowing facts that sound like ‘BS’, but are actually true?

What are some mind-blowing facts that sound like 'BS', but are actually true? by Vishal Katariya

Answer by Vishal Katariya:

When an airplane wants to land on an aircraft carrier, the pilot isn’t supposed to apply the brakes, but is supposed to accelerate!

When about to touch down, the pilot lowers a steel hook from the plane, which snags onto one of four steel arresting cables on the aircraft carrier. These cables are incredibly strong and arrest the motion of the plane. Good (skilful) pilots will attempt to snag onto the third or fourth cables so that they have enough of a buffer to not smash into the back of the carrier. The craziest part is when the plane just touches down. In that case, the pilot is supposed to go full throttle. If he’s caught one of the cables, then he’s fine, and the cables will stop him regardless of the throttle. If he hasn’t caught the cables, he must accelerate so that he still has enough velocity to lift off the carrier once again. Very counter-intuitive.

What are some mind-blowing facts that sound like 'BS', but are actually true?

What would be your topmost regret if you knew you’d die tomorrow?

What would be your topmost regret if you knew you'd die tomorrow? by Neil Menon

Answer by Neil Menon:

I was 18 when I moved to Calcutta for my Bachelor’s. I spent perhaps the most trying and testing time of my life during the first 6 months of my stay there.

Initially, almost all colleges directly rejected me since I had already lost a year due to illness. I was laughed at and humiliated by most colleges for wasting their time.

“Don’t you know Calcutta University never gives admission to ‘gap’ students,” said the office staff of one college.

“So, who was your quiz partner? Your mother?” Said the principal of the city’s perhaps best college, while flinging my quiz certificates in my face, when I had tried approaching him for admissions through an extra-curricular activity quota.

Later, one fine evening, my roommates ganged up against me and threw me out my apartment just because I was a student and wasn’t working for an IT company. Imagine my surprise when I got back after a tough day at college, only to find all my suit cases outside, with a note pasted across the locked apartment door saying:

Since you don’t work for TCS/CTS, the landlord doesn’t want you living here anymore. He doesn’t want student tenants. We have packed all your stuff and kept them in your suit cases. Don’t bother coming in ‘coz we’ve changed the lock on the door and you better be gone before the landlord comes to inspect at 6. We’re sorry.

“We’re sorry”, it seems! It was already 5:30PM and I had ₹50 in my wallet with another ₹200 in my account and no where to go. I was in shock and I didn’t bother waiting.

I did the math and figured I could push it to four days with that money.

But, then what?

I was lost on the streets of Calcutta for the next 3 days. I didn’t call home. Back home, things were quite bleak financially and I didn’t want to add to the difficulties.

I did not go to college either. I couldn’t, with the kind of luggage I was dragging around.

On the fourth day, I knew I HAD to call home and tell them what had happened. There was no way around it. Mom broke down and handed the phone over to Dad, unable to bear the thought of her son living on the streets.

Dad was upset too. “Give us 10 minutes to figure out what we can do,” Dad said, his voice quivering from all the emotions he had held back.

10 minutes later, they gave me directions to a Govt. of West Bengal guest house, where I supposed to crash until they could figure something out. I checked in to their dormitory, which had a tariff of ₹100 per night – their cheapest option.

I took it.

I did the math again – ₹100 a night meant ₹3000 a month as just my living expenses. That was a lot. Dad’s business had suffered a little hit and he had not yet started recovering. In the 3 months that I had been there, in the so-called City of Joy, I had already spent close to ₹15,000. Back in 2004, in an inexpensive city like Calcutta, that was a shit load of money!

I was battered and bruised. I was lost and exhausted. I was pathetic and hopeless.

I decided to call it quits. Enough was enough! All that was left to do was pack up, buy a general ticket to Kerala, and get the fuck out of there. I didn’t give a shit about studies any more.

I was drained and done!

I was at the bus stop, about to board a bus to the railway station, when my phone beeped: ₹5000 has just been credited to your account, said a text message from my bank.

“Baba, you know you can always bank on us for whatever you need,” Mom’s message followed the bank’s notification. “There’s no way we’re going to let your dreams of becoming an astrophysicist get squashed so easily.

I sat there in the bus stand, for the next two hours, just staring at my phone, reading and re-reading Mom’s message. I didn’t cry! There were no tears left. But, instead of being overwhelmed with guilt and emotion, I was suddenly overcome with a new found resolve.

I had made it this far. I couldn’t give up now. If not for me, at least for Mom and Dad. Well, I didn’t!

3 years later, I passed out of Calcutta University with an honors in Physics.

During times of severe financial hardships, my folks borrowed from my Uncles, Aunts, relatives, and friends just to help their son during those initial stages of his stay in Calcutta, and in turn, help him fulfill his dreams. They never me told for once how bad things were at home, nor did they ever let me know the pinch.

Dad, my hostel fee of ₹2000 is due!!

Mom, I need to buy books worth ₹1500!!

Dad, I want to go on a study trip to Darjeeling. It’s going to be ₹3000!!

They never said no to anything! All they did was ask if that was the best option, and I’d invariably nod, yes.

So, you see my predicament if I died tomorrow! I’m not done repaying my parents for what they’ve done for me over the years. No where even close.

It’s not about buying them a new home or getting them a new car or taking them on a trip across Europe, or anything of the sort. Fuck no! These are all materialistic. My folks don’t want any of that from me.

All they want is to see me reach where I’ve always told them I’d reach and I haven’t reached there yet.

I need a little more time and for that, I just can’t die tomorrow!!

If I did, my regret would be not being able to make it – for them!

What would be your topmost regret if you knew you'd die tomorrow?