Do you actually love your husband or wife, or did you settle?

Do you actually love your husband or wife, or did you settle? by Vijay Vemuri

Answer by Vijay Vemuri:

Very interesting question.

I have married a girl whom I never met & talked for 20 years. She is also not well educated and very new to city life.

First Incident: We moved to Bangalore, India as part of my job. One day, the house owner come to my house asking for rent. She is very shy and didn’t answer to him. Owner looks at her with a strange look and contacted me for rent. I resolved the rent issue later with owner.

Second Incident: I am very much talkative person. I started talking to my wife by asking some questions. She barely reply to 1 question out of my 10 questions. I felt very strange at that point of time.

Third Incident: I took my wife for shopping. I stepped into the escalator in the shopping mall and thought my wife was following me. After I reach the half way; I have turned back and found my wife is still standing, looking strangely at the escalator. I understand the situation and quickly went back to take her to upstairs.

Fourth Incident: I realized that my wife is feeling scare to use escalator. So, I have decided to use Lift for going to downstairs. We both entered into the lift. Lift started going down. Suddenly, someone hugged me tight. I looked back and it is my wife. I felt very strange and just moved on by ignoring it.

Fifth Incident: My wife is a pure vegetarian (never even touch Egg). I am a big fan of non-veg dishes. Since cooking non-veg at home is impossible; i went to restaurant to buy my favorite chicken biryani for my dinner and took it to the house. I opened the packet to eat. My wife closed the room door and didn’t come out until I finish my my dinner.

Sixth Incident: I fed up and asked my wife about her behavior. She started crying and crying. I was very shocked and didn’t understand why she was crying. To get the situation into control, I made her calm down.

After all these incidents, I have started thinking about why my wife is behaving like this. Slowly, I realized her situation. She is from a village. Travelling to Metropolitan city is the first time in her life. She never talk to a stranger in her life time before marriage. She never seen escalators, Lift before marriage.

From the next day on-wards; I started to help my wife where ever needed and started liking her.

After one year; My wife has changed a lot. She can speak with strangers without fear. She can to shopping herself and buy the stuff needed. Very importantly; she answer and listen to my all non-sense talks. Also, she corrects me if my opinion is wrong any incident.

Gradually, We started loving each other. But, It took 4 years for both of us to understand each other.

We are happy family now with 2 kids (Daughter and Son). I love my wife more than anyone in the world. 🙂

Do you actually love your husband or wife, or did you settle?


What are some interesting things to do with Python?

What are some interesting things to do with Python? by Zhaonan Li

Answer by Zhaonan Li:

Personally I think, you get a lot of choices.
Since you are Python beginner, the small project may bring more benefits to you.

For web crawler:
Currently, the data analysis is very hot, so you can write some crawler to  get the data from pure html not api to practice your Python skill. You can also use some library like "BeautifulSoup" Beautiful Soup Documentation to help yourself.

For Web development:
You can have a try on some python web frameworks, like Django, Flask, Web2py, Pylons, Zope2, Giotto, CubicWeb…… to build some websites to make a practice.

For Data Structure or Classic Algorithms:
You can implement some famous and useful Data Structure in Python, something like "SegmentTree", "Red-Black Tree", "Trie", "SuffixTree", "IntervalTree"……, and make the Python Egg, and release it to PyPI to make it can be used by all Python programmers around the world.

For Plugin:
You can build some SublimeText Plugins in Python, something like PHP-Auto-Dollar-Sign…, and release to world to benefit all SublimeText users around the world.

For Library:
You can create some wrappers for some API, something like, you can develop a Python OAuth library(A lot of OAuth libs now), or develop a wrapper for Facebook Graph API, or a wrapper for Locu API…… Again, make the Python Egg, and release it to PyPI to benefit all Python users.

For Data Science:
If you have some knowledge on machine learning and artificial neural network, you can implement some algorithms to build your own Python machine learning library.

For Networking:
You can use Python to implement some protocols, something like, SMTP, FTP, HTTP (you can also build your own HTTP Web Server or load balancer).

For Cryptology:
You can implement some encrypt and decrypt library, something like, RSA, RC4, DES……
Or you can also write some script to break some cipher…

For Computer Vision:
You can have a try on "OpenCV for Python" library to build some tinny computer vision system, something like face detection.

For AI:
You can implement some AI algorithms to build your own game, something like, you can implement Alpha-Beta Pruning Search for Tic-Tac-Toe.

For Game:
You can build your own Game Bot manually.

I don't know your knowledge set. But you can use anything in your knowledge set to build some interesting thing by Python or other languages. For example: If you are very familiar with US Children Stories, you can collect a lot stories, and use machine learning knowledge and NLP to build a system to analyze the pattern or mode of these stories, to find something interesting.

What are some interesting things to do with Python?

What are the five most important things for a man to learn in life?

What are the five most important things for a man to learn in life? by James Altucher

Answer by James Altucher:

I'm 48. Here's what a man should know.


You can't get rich at a job. You have to get rich by either starting a business or having multiple streams of income.

Don't quit your job tomorrow. Be a man. Be responsible. Just do it over time but every day move towards this goal.

Why do you need to get rich? Is this particular to a man?

Not really. Woman should do this also. But historically, men in our society have been the bread earners and you will feel better about yourself if you can do it.

So do it.


If you want to make a TV show, make a video. If you want to write a book, write it and self-publish.

If you want to be an investment banker, find one company that wants to get sold and another company that wants to buy it and put yourself in the middle. You don't need to be "chosen" by Goldman Sachs.

If you want an education, find a way to learn online. You don't need to get a degree in X to be X (unless legally).


Men die earlier than women.

There's really only three keys to better health. I'll add a fourth.

Sleep well. Eat well. Low stress. And to help all of the above go faster, exercise.

Fill in the blanks how you want to get the above done. It doesn't matter. As long as you are aware of how important the above four towards living to be 100 with high quality of life then you will do it.


Sometimes I've met a woman and I've basically given her all of my self-esteem to take care of.

Then she gets tired of me, bored of me, and dumps me, and now she's taken my self-esteem away until i find it again.

It's hard enough for any one person to manage their own self-esteem, let alone yours.

Take care of your own self-esteem.


When you are creative, you become competent. Every day try to do one creative thing a day that makes you feel good.

This is one way to make yourself your priority and never anyone else.

Does this seem selfish? It totally is.

But 1% a day improvement in creativity compounds you into a giant among people.

You will feel good, you will have better relationships with people, you will be able to do what you want.

Oh, there’s one more and it’s basically obvious. Always be honest. See? Obvious.

Do I do these things? I can tell you that when I haven't my life has fallen apart. And when I have, I can do whatever I want.

What are the five most important things for a man to learn in life?

What is the most fascinating thing you know about in the field of neuroscience?

What is the most fascinating thing you know about in the field of neuroscience? by @franklinveaux

Answer by Franklin Veaux:

There are a number of parasites that control the brains, and therefore the behaviors, of their hosts.

Most people know about the fungus parasite, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, that mind-controls insect hosts, like the fungus that mind-controls tropical ants, causes them to climb onto a leaf that’s about 20cm above the ground, crawl under the leaf, bite onto it, then hang there until it dies. The fungus then grows a spore capsule through the ant’s head and when it bursts, it sends more spores onto ants down below.

What a lot of folks don’t know, though, is that parasites can mind-control animals a lot more complex than insects.

There is a fish parasite that changes the host’s behavior in a very specific way: it causes the host to roll over on its back periodically, flashing its light-colored stomach to the sky. This makes the fish easier to spot by predatory birds, who see the flashes and catch the fish. The parasite lives part of its lifecycle in the bird and part in the fish; it has to get into a bird in order to reproduce, so it modifies the fish behavior to increase the odds the bird will eat it.

The Toxoplasma gondii organism infects animals like rats, and causes them to lose their fear of cats. Toxoplasma gondii also has a split lifecycle; it grows in rats but reproduces in cats, so in order for the parasite to reproduce, an infected rat has to be eaten by a cat. By removing the rat’s normal fear of cats, the parasite makes it more likely an infected rat will encounter and be killed by a cat.

Parasitic control of a host’s brain is both fascinating and horrifyingly creepy.

What is the most fascinating thing you know about in the field of neuroscience?