Do Secret Service agents get bored?

Do Secret Service agents get bored? by @jasonwells00USA

Answer by Jason Wells:

There is a scene from the film “The Count of Monte Cristo” where two men are imprisoned in the notorious Chateau D’if and are talking about their captivity. The younger man, Edmund Dantes, tells his friend: “I have seventy-two thousand, five-hundred, nineteen stones in my walls. I’ve counted them many times.”

Dante’s friend, the much, much older Abbe Faria, responds “But have you named them yet?”

That’s sort of what being a Secret Service agent is like most of the time. Yes, agents get very, very bored.

I have stood in hallways counting the pinhole dots in ceiling tiles. I have had staring contests with pieces of artwork hanging in hotel lobbies… and won…. I have memorized the labels on every fire extinguisher, soda machine, and Exit sign (not much to memorize there). The symmetry of a hall doesn’t really have meaning until you stand in it and stare it down for ten straight hours.

Did you know that hotels turn off their air conditioning in their hallways in the middle of the night? Most people don’t notice because they’re asleep in their rooms. It becomes much more obvious when you’re wearing a suit and carrying about 40 pounds of equipment on your belt.

It’s expected that agents keep a vigilant watch and maintain a strict protective environment all the time, and most agents are able to do this. But even the most observant and dedicated person needs stimulation. And usually the protection life doesn’t offer much to satisfy the need. So yes, agents get bored.

And the follow up question: How do agents deal with boredom? They suck it up. They start counting stones, and then they start naming them.

Secret Service Agents standing post after ten hours

Do Secret Service agents get bored?


What are some interesting smartphone hacks?

What are some interesting smartphone hacks? by @kanhaiya_nwd

Answer by Kanhaiya Kumar:

I have one to blow your mind.

It is little yet powerful.

Want to know which app was used last time in your phone is pretty much easy by moving to recent app history or app switcher like this…

But what if someone has cleared it….don't worry I'm with you.

Open your phone dialer and press *#*#4636#*#*

It will open up something like this.

Click on Usage Statistics.

Something like this will open up.

Move to Sort by – dropdown menu.

click on last time used.

All done now see the statistics with full details.

I was using quora last time !

It doesn't work on every phone. Try it now to check if it works on your phone.

This code isn't limited to this use only.

It has too many handy features also.

Look this. .

Or this..

Or this..

P.S :- Never choose USA band in band selection setting, if available. It may land you into deep trouble.

What are some interesting smartphone hacks?

What should everybody know?

What should everybody know? by Divyesh Kulkarni

Answer by Divyesh Kulkarni:

  • 80% people's conversations are complaining. Be among the rest 20%.
  • Never brag about yourself. It reduces your worth.
  • People with low self esteem are often bullies and critics. Ignore their existence.
  • Wanna take revenge on someone? Forgive him.
  • Confidence is an armour. Wear it. Don't have it? Fake it until you get it.
  • Work on your knowledge. Improve your skills. Bootlicking and manipulation can take you up but it won't help you in staying there.
  • Ego, overthinking, procrastination, anger, hate are the perfect emotions for self-destruction. Don't possess them.
  • Hard work beats talent. Polish your ability till it becomes your skill.
  • Be afraid of those who don't react. They are the ones who actually think. They are dangerous.
  • Never trust anyone who doesn't walk his talk. NEVER.
  • Everything takes it own time. Have patience.
  • Smile. Breathe and move on.

What should everybody know?

How can you be sure the person you’re going to marry is the one?

How can you be sure the person you’re going to marry is the one? by Richard Muller

Answer by Richard Muller:

I recommend the backpack test. Both of my children agreed to this, and it appears (so far) to have worked successfully for them.

The basic idea is this: for a marriage to last, the partners need to recognize that there will be periods of intense stress, non-romantic moments (often lasting days or longer) when life gets tough. It could be illness, or lack of money, or just something serious going wrong. Maybe a flat tire. Maybe you arrive at midnight at the cabin you rented and you discover the key doesn’t work. How will you and your partner-to-be handle it? Will you work well together? Will your love continue despite the stress?

Take a week-long backpack trip together. Or do something equivalent. I like backpacking because doing it, particularly in Yosemite or anywhere in the Sierras, is a wonderful exhilarating spiritual experience. But—and this is the key—it always has moments of stress. It may suddenly rain, and you get unexpectedly wet. Maybe it will be cold in the morning, and you (or your partner) will not want to get up to fetch and heat water. One time it snowed suddenly, and we couldn’t find a sheltered place to camp. Maybe one of you will develop a blister. Maybe one of you will feel that you would like to transfer some weight to the partner. Maybe you will get lost. Maybe a bear will steal your food. Maybe one or both of you will get very tired, and grumpy.

Before you get married, you want to experience stress together, ideally over an extended time. A few days is minimal; a week is better; a two week trip is probably more than enough. I recall taking such a trip with my wife-to-be, and a good friend and his wife. I was appalled at the way he treated her. When her pack was uncomfortable, he told her to endure it until they got to a good rest spot. (My wife and I insisted we stop until her pack was comfortable!) He didn’t help her in the cooking. He just didn’t seem to care. After that trip, I could never again think of him as a good friend. And indeed, a few years later, he and his wife were divorced.

Don’t go backpacking with casual friends you want to keep. You may grow to dislike them when you see them under stress, and then you will not even want to be casual friends with them. That was my experience in the trip I just described.

It doesn’t count to go on a romantic vacation, staying at hotels that take care of all your needs. A day trip isn’t good enough. You’ve got to experience extended stress; even better if the stress is unexpected. My bride to be and I went on several backpack trips before and during marriage. Perhaps the most dramatic one was a two-week trip that had rain, snow, terrible blisters, discomfort, bears, and all sorts of stress. We came back from that trip loving each other much more than we had imagined possible.

How can you be sure the person you’re going to marry is the one?

Why do no religious leaders answer on Quora?

Why do no religious leaders answer on Quora? by Frans du Plessis

Answer by Frans du Plessis:

When the previous Pope, Benedict, opened a Twitter account and invited the public to ask him questions via #AskPontifex, he was flooded with questions like these:

  • Would you rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?
  • Who would win in a fight between Jesus and Wolverine?
  • I want you to pray for me. Do you accept Bitcoin?
  • What will be your next career move?
  • I’m all for joining up. Are the wafers gluten-free?
  • Do you think atheists are popeless romantics?
  • A question about Faith: do you think George Michael could've done a better song if he'd brought Timbaland as the producer?
  • If you're in the shower and washing it and it goes off, is it still a sin?

No, I don’t think it will work out well for the religious leaders.

Why do no religious leaders answer on Quora?

What will happen if Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) meets Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) from Suits?

What will happen if Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) meets Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) from Su… by Divyansh Mundra

Answer by Divyansh Mundra:

Harvey swoons into his office and sees a tall man sitting on the couch, his eyes closed, elbows carefully kept in his laps and his fingers gently dug in his chin.

HS: Donnaaaa! Why is there a strange doctor sitting in my office?

SH: I’m not a doctor, and I’m definitely not strange. You on the other hand do seem ignorant.

HS: You sure? You definitely look like my dentist.

SH: The very fact that you didn’t even notice your secretary missing from her desk just proves my point.

HS: What point? That you are my dentist?

SH: No, the point that…. Never mind. Let’s talk business.

HS: Look, I’m sorry mister. I don’t know how meetings work in your country. Maybe you just decide to barge into someone’s office, say cheerio to each other and discuss your queen and cricket over a cuppa hot Darjeeling Tea. But here in the states, we schedule prior appointments. So why don’t you move your ass back out of the door and wait for my secretary. Schedule an appointment with her and then we will see.

SH: Yeah your secretary Donna is not coming back today.

HS: (glances quickly towards Donna’s desk and turns back) What’d you do?

SH: Oh, not much. I had only been interacting with her for a few minutes when I deduced she was a fan of Richard Gere, who happens to be in this city tonight.

HS: So?

SH: So, I got her a date with him. He owed me a favour.

HS: Wait! You are telling me that Richard Gere owed you a favor?

SH: Yeah! So do Christopher Nolan, Dalai Lama and half of the English Navy if I’m correct. But let’s not talk about my work. Let’s talk about yours.

HS: (after a brief pause) You got my curiosity. Let’s see if you could get my attention.

SH: I understand that you have worked prolifically on the Ava Hessington and Hessington Oil case.

HS: Correct.

SH: And you have also been in contact with Stephen Huntley.

HS: I sure did.

SH: And what can you tell me about him?

HS: The guy was a hired gun. Called the bad shots. Ended up ordering killings on his own. Painted Ava Hessington for his crimes. Put his daddy in a lot of shame. Broke the heart of his love. Ended up coming in my line of fire. And I sure knocked that son of a bitch out of the park.

SH: And then?

HS: And then he got what he deserved. Multiple life sentence with no parole. I would have thrown him to the electric chair if it was up to me. But wait, are you some kind of detective?

SH: Consulting Detective.

HS: Consulting Detective?

SH: Yes, a consulting detective. The only one in the world because I invented the job.

HS: The only one in the world because no one else was willing to take on that shitty title.

SH: I see you are a man brimming with self-obsession.

HS: Can’t help it. I wake up in the morning, look at the mirror and see the classiest guy alive on the planet.

SH: Well, you sure weren’t much of a ‘classy man’ the other night at the bar.

HS: (Shockingly) How did you know that?

SH: Let’s just say that I am good at keeping secrets. So, what else can you tell me about this Stephen Huntley?

HS: How do you know about last night at the bar? Have you been following me?

SH: No, I just saw you right now. You are really in over your head, aren’t you?

HS: Then how did you know about the incident?

SH: Oh, it is what I do. I observe and I deduce.

HS: (rolls his eyes) I still don’t get it, how?

SH: The impact of the punch last night was minimal. You have been rubbing your left cheek every few minutes and one can see a hint of swelling from this angle. Clearly you had a fight.

HS: Okay. And how could you possibly know about the bar?

SH: Read it in the paper this morning. Pearson Specter Litt won the case for Westerton Steel, it is one of your biggest client I presume. You sure would have celebrated last night. Hardly a difficult leap.

HS: Are you for real?

SH: I further deduce that your left uppercut ended the fight rather quickly judging by the state of your knuckles. So why did you fight?

HS: There was this guy who….

SH: Oh sorry! I just remembered that I DON’T CARE.

HS: (Stares at Sherlock with amusement)

SH: (Stares at Harvey, nonchalantly)

HS: So Stephen Huntley, huh? Why rattle me, I barely knew the guy. Why don’t you speak to Donna or better yet, just contact Darby. He was Darby’s prodigal son.

SH: It was Mr. Darby who hired me in the first place. And as far as my understanding for human emotions go, I think it wouldn’t be fair to involve Donna.

HS: What do you mean?

SH: I mean that Stephen Huntley was found dead in his prison cell seven days ago.

HS: (Out of words due to shock and disbelief)

SH: The guards wrote it off as a suicide. But I have been investigating murders of similar sorts for the past year. There have been nine incidents in congruence with this one, and I am afraid all these little webs point to a vicious spider roaming freely in London, Jam….

HS: James Moriarty?

SH: JAMES MORIARTY. How do you know that name?

HS: Well, just after we put Huntley behind the bars, I received a bottle of….

SH: A bottle of champagne with regards from James Moriarty?

HS: A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE FROM JM. I had my guy look into the initials and Huntley’s background and the name James Moriarty showed up. Of course, I didn’t get much info on it so I didn’t pursue the matter further. (Stops for a brief moment) Please tell me that Huntley ordered those killings and wasn’t coerced into it?’

SH: I’m pretty sure that Huntley was guilty. He was sentenced for life and he knew too much about Moriarty. I think he just became a liability.

HS: (thinks for a while) Donna should never know.

SH: Not from me.

HS: Then I think your work here is done.

SH: Oh, I beg to differ. I still have some unfinished business (stops as he hears footsteps approaching Harvey’s office)

(Louis Litt enters Harvey’s office, sweating and fuming with anger)

LL: Where is that son of a British bitch Harvey, I swear I’m gonna…. huh! How dare you sit there like a buffoon, getting your hair wax all over Harvey’s couch and spoiling the sanctity of his office, while I was parading down the Central Park looking for Yvonne Lipski of the Royal British Ballet. This man fooled me Harvey, he got Donna a date with Richard Gere and promised me that Yvonne Lipski would be waiting for me in the Central Park, but guess what, I couldn’t find her anywhere.

HS: (looks at Sherlock with amusement)

SH: In my defense, I was BORED!

LL: In your defense? You sir, better prepare your defense because I will sue the hell out of your slimy smug silhouette for wasting my precious time. I will deploy all my power, all my resources just to see you beg before me and then I will mercifully turn your offer down and watch you rot.


Louis looks absurdly at the both of them while Harvey and Sherlock finally agree on something.

SH: (Getting up and pulling his trench coat) Ah! Louis, I see that your emergency meeting in the washroom didn’t go so well this afternoon. Also you should leave munching on those bran bars of yours since you clearly have a heart condition. And the number a certain redhead gave to you at the hot dog shop is fake, so don’t bother to call. (Nods towards Harvey and pats Louise on his shoulders before leaving)


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What will happen if Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) meets Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) from Suits?

What is it that we as Indians are collectively doing wrong?

What is it that we as Indians are collectively doing wrong? by Bill Connelly

Answer by Bill Connelly:

I just read Vipasha Jain’s answer where she explains how Indians find it uncool to speak in their mother tongue i.e. Hindi.

I saw something similar here on Quora by many of you.

At the end of their answers people leave an apology like this

“Sorry for my poor English”

“Sorry for poor grammar” or “Sorry for my English”

Now kindly read this with sincerity:

It doesn't look formal. It is not a good post script statement.

And Why on Earth would Indians with their own language or Chinese people with command on Mandarin apologize to English speaking users just because we are communicating using a language that is not our first language?

There's no logic, English is not a necessity. Take it as a tool you used to communicate something to the other person. Perfection in it is something you can call as a choice. People feel that society demands it. It does but isn't it is compelled enough to make it look like a forced thing?

It's a shame because if someone is going down to your language just to express something, appreciate it. Don't ask them to first learn and speak.

I have Indian,Chinese and few African students as well. I can't speak a line properly in Hindi or Mandarin.Should I go and perfect it before communicating to like 3 billion people who speak it?

Think about it.

What is it that we as Indians are collectively doing wrong?

What are things you care about but most people don’t?

What are things you care about but most people don't? by Dushka Zapata

Answer by Dushka Zapata:

The most efficient killers in the animal kingdom are not lions.

Nope, not sharks.

Not hippos.

The most efficient killers are dragonflies.

Dragonflies catch their target midair an astounding 95% of the time.

By contrast, lions, known for their hunting prowess, do so 25% of the time on their luckiest days.

Dragonflies devour their catch without even thinking about needing to land. Still in flight, they tear and swallow. Then they immediately move after another fly.

The nervous system of a dragonfly is able to focus on one fly, even when that single fly is in the middle of a cloud of other flies. It can track its target, calculate how fast its moving and in what direction, and intercept it.

The fly doesn’t know what hit it until it’s being chomped.

Dragonflies don’t just fly. They dive. They fly backwards. They hover. They have four transparent wings attached to their thorax, each one with its own muscle that moves independently from the others.

Their eyes are comprised of 30,000 facets – like pixels – that take up most of their heads. This means that as they fly towards you and as they fly away from you they can still see you.

I think mothers everywhere develop dragonfly eyes.

According to scientists, dragonflies have simple brains (less than a million neurons) that behave like complex brains when it comes to their ability for selective attention. (I want fly A. No, I want fly B. But I haven’t lost track of fly A.)

Do you know who supports dragonfly research? Among other organizations, the United States military.

The dragonfly is the dream high precision drone.

I understand insects are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find insects mesmerizing.

Source: Dragonflies, Nature’s Deadly Drone, but Prettier

What are things you care about but most people don't?

Why hasn’t there been a presidential assassination in a while?

Why hasn't there been a presidential assassination in a while? by Jeremy Sklarsky

Answer by Jeremy Sklarsky:

There hasn’t been a presidential assassination in a while because…

…Reagan didn’t die when he was shot in 1981.

…Kuwaiti officials found a car bomb intended for former President George HW Bush in 1993 before the attack could take place

…Secret Service rerouted President Clinton’s motorcade from a bridge to avoid what was later found to be a bomb underneath in a plot orchestrated by Osama bin Laden in 1996

…the live grenade thrown at George W Bush in 2005 didn’t explode because the handkerchief used to conceal it was wrapped too tightly

…a man who believed Obama was the antichrist could only get close enough to shoot several rounds at the outside of the White House.

…routine security was able to catch a letter to Obama laced with Ricin.

There hasn’t been a presidential assassination in a while, but it certainly hasn’t been from a lack of trying.

Why hasn't there been a presidential assassination in a while?